Shambhala Savoy Renovation

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Studio 9 is prime architect for the renovation and re-purposing of the Savoy Building. Working closely with a team of engineers and the owner, the ‘Savvy’ will once again come to life as one of the most interesting and lively music, food and over-night stay venues in downtown Nelson. Currently, the Savoy sits as a defunct and unsightly major commercial building on Nelson’s critical artery, Baker Street. Making this building come to life is one of the more important and interesting projects for Studio 9 to date, as it plays such an important role both to continue a historic story of a 100+ year old building, but to also participate in creating another facet of Nelson’s culturally rich fabric.

Private Residence – Kimberly, BC

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Just beginning construction this Spring 2014, a nice little contemporary bungalo that explores a custom design process and pre-fabrication delivery method.

Studio 9 deployed a full solar analysis to understand how to inhabit the site to the fullest potential. An interesting result was a narrow column of sunlight entering the site at specific times of the day and season, and the architecture grasping this light for full enjoyment.

Private Residence – Rossland, BC

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Nestled in a quiet lot in Rossland’s uphill, this project recently submitted for building permit application explores an integration of land and architecture and how the home becomes a working format to be in and on land. Studio 9 is innovating envelope and structural systems to result in an energy efficient performance project while creating a nest-like living space. 2014’s going to be an exciting building season.

Nelson Commons Mixed Use Project

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Studio 9 has the fun role as local Architect for the Co-op store and mixed use project. Not often in Nelson does a Nelson-based architect have the opportunity to be involved with a project of such scale and complexity. Working closely with the primary team of architect’s and engineer’s at various out-of-region locations, this project has us intimately involved with the City of Nelson planning department and the Co-op development team. Currently we are priming all the facets of the teams and contractors for the next steps to starting construction.

Prime Architect: Raymond Letkeman Architects – Vancouver BC