Project status: Completed 2010

Location: Christina Lake, BC

The Christina Living Arts Centre is a model building for community and sustainability. After a ten year process that involved grassroots efforts from various community members, contractors, and consultants, the community centre is finally open to the public. During the construction process the entire team remained committed to the goal of creating a unique symbol for the community’s engagement with the arts, community building, and all facets of sustainability.

As the name suggests, the Christina Living Arts Centre acts as a venue for showcasing the works of talented artists residing in the West Kootenays as well as a living waste treatment facility. As part of the development, a Solar Aquatics Building designed by ECO-TEK will treat all wastewater from the Centre, R.V.’s and a proposed Seniors Housing Project using microbes, fish, snails and aquatic plants. In addition to an integrated waste water treatment facility, the building uses various other environmentally sound technologies to improve building performance, reduce construction costs, and minimize its environmental impact.